Wire Fencing

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Galvanised Tying Wire (1.6mm)

Galvanised Tying Wire (1.6mm) for use to carry chainlink fencing between posts. It is popular with DIY enthusiasts and professionals, for projects like pinning roses to a trellis or creating electric fencing. The 1.6mm thickness makes it easy for transportation and site fittings.
£8.76 excl vat

Temporary Fence Coupler

Temporary Fence coupler for use with standard temporary fencing panels. The steel coupler connects panels together securely. They are best tightened with a wrench or a pair of pliers.
£1.37 excl vat

Temporary Fence Panel

Temporary Fence Panel are galvanised heavy duty fence panels used in constructions and building sites. Manufactured by Block N Mesh these are light weight and easy to handle fence panels are effortless to construct.
£36.75 excl vat

Temporary Fence Rubber Base/Feet

Temporary Fence Rubber Base/Feet for use with temporary fencing panels. Made from 100% recycled material these feet are robust and sustainable. Each foot weighs 14kg enough to support metal fencing panels against bad weather conditions.
£10.56 excl vat

Chainlink Wire Galvanised Fencing (12.5m x 2400mm x 2.5mm)

Heavily Galvanised Chainlink Wire Fencing is a multi-purpose fencing solution for use in both domestic, agricultural, and industrial use. This role is manufactured from high quality galvanised steel, it is 2400mm high made from 2.5mm gauge wire, and supplied in a 12.5m role.
£144.12 excl vat

High Tensile Barbed Wire 2mm x 200m

High Tensile Barbed Wire in 200m Rolls 75mm (3inch) between barbs. Heavy duty high tensile barbed wire is manufactured from 2Life which lasts up to two times longer than heavily galvanised wire. Ideal for use in animal fencing situations in conjunction with timber posts where wire needs to be tensioned/strained. Supplied in 2mm x 200m reels.
£45.92 excl vat