Tubing & Brackets

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Chrome Centre Bracket 25mm

Chrome Centre Brackets are designed to provide additional support for hanging rail such as wardrobe rails. Suitable for longer spans of 25mm rails.
£3.69 excl vat

Chrome End Bracket 25mm (Each)

Chrome end Brackets are used to support hanging rails. Suitable for areas where bracket has to be fixed to back wall of cupboard or wardrobe. Suitable for use with 25mm diameter rails.
£3.90 excl vat

Chrome End Socket 25mm

Chrome End Socket 25mm are round end sockets for fitting to the interior sides of a wardrobe/cupboard. The hanging rail is locked into this to keep the rail secure.
£0.81 excl vat

Chrome Tubing 2438 x 25mm

This Chrome Tubing 2438 x 25mm will work perfectly in wardrobes, cupboards and closets. These are hard-wearing and long-lasting. Combine with different clamps to construct heavy-duty rails or use as supports for worktops and tables.
£11.79 excl vat