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Bungee / Luggage Straps 24" (Pack of 2)

Set your hands free with this Luggage Bungee ! Suitable for securing a wide range of items.
£5.39 excl vat

Master Lock Twin Wire Bungee Cord 120cm

The Master Lock Twin Wire Bungee Cord 120cm has a twin wire hook that offers twice the strength of an ordinary bungee and the rounded hook eliminates the risk of scratching.
£9.13 excl vat

Ratchet Strainer Galvanised (Each)

Galvanised wire tensioning ratchets are used to tension the straining line wire for stock fencing, wire fencing and plastic mesh fencing. For use on concrete or wooden posts.
£5.89 excl vat

Tala Lorry Ratchet Strap

The Tala 1 tonne 4 metre and Tala 6 tonne 8 metre are used for securing and fastening loads. This is a polyester strap, which is not suitable for lifting.
£9.02 excl vat