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Pinty Plus Evolution Aerosol Jet Black 400ml

Pinty Plus Evolution Aerosol Jet Black 400ml is a RAL Acrylic spray paint that is ideal for indoor and outdoor projects where you require a protective layer and a smooth, uniform, satin finish, as well as an extra-quick drying time. Adheres perfectly on any type of surface: wood, metal, stone, paper, cardboard and some plastics.
£6.20 excl vat

Rawlplug Spray ZG-90 500ml

Rawlplug ZG-90 Spray is a galvanised spray, used on galvanised metal that requires repair or recoating to match the original finish. This product can be applied to bare metal, welded metal or slightly corroded metal. Drying time is tree minutes for touch dry and its shower proof in five minutes. It can be used as an undercoat or a topcoat and is ideal for steel structures, car panels and gates.
£13.53 excl vat

Spray Paint Mp Metallic Silver 400ml

Brilliant Metallic produces an ultra modern, reflective metallic finish on virtually any surface. Ideal for decorative projects around the home, it is quick and easy to use and available in gold, silver and copper. The formula is fast drying and can be re-coated at any time.
£6.36 excl vat

Spray Paint Radiator Enamel Gloss White 400ml

This radiator enamel spray is specially formulated to make painting radiators quick and easy. The finish obtained is both durable and professional.
£9.58 excl vat