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Bostik Cementone Integral Waterproofer

Bostik Cementone Integral Waterproofer reacts chemically with cement to form hydrophobic salts which reduce water penetration. Available in 5Ltr and 25Ltr containers
£10.15 excl vat

Bostik Cementone PVA 5Ltr

Bostik Cementone PVA is a highly effective building adhesive, primer, bonding agent, and dust proofer. Suitable for most building materials. This product improves adhesion and bond strength, reduces the risk of lifting and cracking. It is economical, and suitable for interior use and dry service conditions.
£22.09 excl vat

Bostik Rito Waterstop Liquid 14KG

Bostik Rito Waterstop Liquid is a high performance waterproof coating for sealing and waterproofing roofs and walls. No primer required. Bridges cracks up to 5mm. Fills voids or expansion joints to 10mm. A high performance waterproof coating for Blocks, Foundation works and a wide range of backgrounds.
£119.21 excl vat

Evo-Stik Evobond Universal PVA

Evo-Stik Evobond PVA is specially formulated synthetic emulsion, white in colour, which dries to a transparent film. Designed to provide a strong bond for cement mortars, screeds and renderings, concrete mixes, and plasters. Available in a range of sizes.
£6.66 excl vat

Evo-Stik EvoSet Frostproofer 5L

Evo-Stik Evoset Frostproofer is designed to accelerate the setting of mortar mixes all year round but particularly in cold weather and during t he Winter months. Suitable for use where calcium chloride accelerators are not permitted.
£7.79 excl vat

Evo-Stik Linseed Oil Putty Natural 1kg

Evo-Stik Linseed Oil Putty Natural is a glazing putty for the external face glazing of door and window frames.
£3.28 excl vat

Larsen Concrete Dustproofer & Hardener 5Ltr

Larsen Dustproofer is a surface hardening liquid for concrete floors, floor screeds and renders. Larsen Dustproofer forms a microcrystalline seal in the surface pores of the concrete or screed. This produces a hard dust-free finish.
£11.17 excl vat

Larsen Powder Waterproofer 1kg

Larsen Powder Waterproofer is a white powder admixture used to increase the water repellency of render, mortar and concrete.
£7.48 excl vat

Evo Stik Fire Cement 1200 Fill & Repair Black Sealant 310ml

Evo Stik Fire Cement 1200 Fill & Repair Black Sealant 310ml is a ready mixed blend of thermo setting resins and inorganic fillers that cures when exposed to heat, resulting in a mortar which is resistant to temperatures up to 1200°C. This cement is ideal for sealing joints in heaters, open fire places and stoves. It can also be used for gluing and joining temperature resistant stones. It is also suitable for mounting and bedding stoves, ovens and barbeques.
£9.58 excl vat

Evo-Stik Silicone Remover 100ml

Evo-Stik Silicone Remover has been specially developed to remove cured silicone from a surface in order to prepare the surface for a fresh application of silicone. Also Ideal for removing cured silicone smudges, spills and finger prints from work surfaces.
£6.00 excl vat

Bostik MSP107 290ml

Bostik MSP107 Seal Bond is a multi-purpose, multi-surface adhesive and waterproofing sealant with SM polymer technology. It is effective even on damp surfaces and is ideal for glass, zinc, wood, metal PVC. It is an ideal solution for weatherproofing and is suitable for a wide range of materials and surfaces. Bostik MSP107 Seal bond has excellent UV and weather resistance and is non corrosive to metals. It can also be over painted after complete polymerisation.
£8.56 excl vat

Stixall Extreme Power 290ml

Everbuild Stixall Extreme Power is the ultimate combined building adhesive and sealant, based on hybrid polymer technology, with the most extreme power to both bond and seal virtually everything to anything in virtually all conditions, even under water or in the rain! Available in 5 colours.
£5.69 excl vat

Bostik Intucrylic Sealant White C20

Bostik Intucrylic Sealant is a high quality water-borne acrylic intumescent building sealant. It cures to form a tough, tack-free seal with excellent adhesion to a wide variety of building surfaces. In the event of a fire it will resist the passage of smoke and flames.
£8.41 excl vat

Evo-Stik Silicone C Sealant 310ml

Evo-Stik Silicone C Sealant is a neutral cure silicone, which can be used for sealing most building, construction and glazing joints. This sealant is almost odourless and cures with atmospheric moisture to form a durable permanent rubber seal. Available in Clear or White.
£8.00 excl vat

Evo-Stik Trade Sanitary Silicone Sealant 290ml

Evo-Stik Trade Sanitary Silicone Sealant is a high quality moisture curing acetoxy type silicone sealant. It contains a fungicide and is ideal for sealing around sanitary fittings in kitchens and bathrooms. Available in White or Clear.
£6.15 excl vat

Evo-Stik Silicone GX 300ml

Evo-Stik Silicone GX Sealant is a versatile acetoxy silicone sealant. Specially developed for top sealing in glazing systems, perimeter joints around window and door frames and joints in kitchens and bathrooms. Available in a Grey or Ivory.
£5.59 excl vat

Evo-Stik Silicone MP 300ml

Evo-Stik Silicone MP Sealant is a versatile acetoxy silicone sealant. Specially developed for top sealing in glazing systems, perimeter joints around window and door frames and joints in kitchens and bathrooms. Available in a range of colours
£4.00 excl vat

Bostik MSP106 Invisible 290ml

Bostik MSP106 is an ultra versatile SM polymer product which is completely transparent. It is ideal for bonding transparent elements such as glass to glass as it does not yellow.
£8.56 excl vat

Bostik MSP108 White 290ml

Bostik MSP108 is a high performance SM polymer with a very powerful initial hold. It bonds glass, wood, metal, mirrors, brick and natural stone and is suitable for interior and exterior use.
£8.56 excl vat

Evo-Stik Trade Lead and Gutter Silicone Grey C20

Evo-Stik Trade Lead and Gutter Silicone is a low modulus neutral cure silicone sealant, which when cured forms a tough elastic rubber with the ability to accomodate high movement. Evo-stik trade lead and gutter silicone bonds to most surfaces including lead, anodised and mill finished metals, painted steel, cast iron, brick tile, slate timber and most plastics including PVCu.
£6.15 excl vat

Bostik Rito All Weather Sealant 300ml

Bostik Rito All Weather Sealant is a flexible, low odour sealant that can be used to repair leaks in all weather. Suitable for use with most materials including lead, asphalt, glass, wood, metals, stone, plaster, guttering, porcelain and most plastics Bostik Rito All Weather. Available in 4 colours.
£7.59 excl vat

Bostik MSP 109 Turbo Bond 290ml

Bostik MSP 109 Turbo Bond is a high-quality grab adhesive based on a Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP) that offers a high bond strength enabling instant grab. Bostik MSP 109 Turbo Bond is solvent free, vibration and shock resistant and UV and weather resistant. Bostik MSP 109 Turbo Bond can be used for sticking a wide range of building materials including; vertical bonding of heavy items such as brick, stone, and ceramic tiles without support.
£9.58 excl vat

Fix All Flexi 290ml

Fix All Flexi 290ml is a multi use sealant, adhesive and filler with high flexibility. Can be applied in all weather conditions. Internal and external use. Primerless adhesion on most construction materials, including wet and damp surfaces. Contains XS1 fungicides providing ultimate mould resistance. Available in Black, Brown, Grey and White.
£8.20 excl vat

Soudabond Easy Gun Grade 750ml

Soudabond Easy Gun Grade 750ml is a high performance polyurethane adhesive foam. Quick and easy to use - no mixing required. Replaces traditional powder based adhesives. The formula combines strong adhesion with filling characteristics, making it suitable for bonding uneven surfaces. Used for the bonding of many building materials, such as insulation panels, plasterboard and the construction of interior walls using lightweight building blocks.
£13.22 excl vat