Preparation and Cleaning

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115mm Sandpaper Roll. (1m)

Universal Sandpaper for hand sanding and handheld machine sanding of virtually any material - Easy to use and very consistent. Suitable for use on Stainless Steel, Wood or Steel. Available in G120, G60 and G40 grades to accommodate rough working through to finishing. Sold per metre.
£2.23 excl vat

Taktec Hard Surface Protection Film 50m x 600mm

Taktec Hard Surface Protection Film 50m x 600mm is ideal for protecting both wood and laminate floors, finished worktops and tiles. Simply roll out and smooth over your hard surface to provide a medium duty protection from paint spills, dirt and general foot traffic.
£29.88 excl vat

Large Green Sponge Scourer 14 x 9cm

Heavy duty large sponge back scourers which offers a green scourer on one side for stubborn grime and a large sponge surface for all general cleaning duties.
£0.74 excl vat

Sanding Block 98 x 68 x 25mm

Aluminium Oxide coated foam blocks which are flexible and can be used wet or dry. They adjust to the shape that is being sanded and are ideal for mouldings, dado rails, metal railings etc. They can be used on either wood or metal. Available in coarse, medium and fine grades.
£1.45 excl vat

Corriboard 2400 x 1200 x 2mm (250gsm)

Corriboard is a heavy duty protection board, designed with twin corrugation to offer resistance against impact to doors, floors and walls, effectively preventing damage. Manufactured from 50% recycled polypropylene the board can be easily trimmed to size using a Stanley Knife, allowing it to be fitted around awkwardly shaped objects, including radiators fluted polypropylene sheet.
£3.23 excl vat

Blue Film Window Protective Foil 500mm x 100m

Blue Film Window Protective Foil 500mm x 100m is used to protect glass from dirt dust and paint during decorating, building and general works.
£33.88 excl vat

Roll & Stroll Premium Carpet Protector 600mm x 25m

Roll & Stroll Premium Carpet Protector is the ultimate self adhesive carpet protector, ideal for protecting against mess, dirt, staining, spillages. and much more.
£24.04 excl vat

Ronseal Steel Wool

Ronseal Steel Wool is ideal for the stripping, preparation and finishing of interior wood. Available in 3 grades to suit every task- coarse, medium and fine.
£5.50 excl vat