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Drain Test Plug

Cost effective durable steel testing plug with single rubber seal for carrying out water and air tests in all types of pipelines.
£10.25 excl vat

Horobin Double Worm Screw 2"

Horobin worm screws for quick and secure connection of rods and fitting. A double worm screw pierces blockages such as paper or rags and the obstruction is drawn back to clear the pipe.
£5.95 excl vat

Horobin Drop Scraper 4"

Horobin 4" (100mm) Inch Drain Rod Tool Drop Scraper Attachment with Metal Thread Attaches so a standard 17mm drain rod. The scraper is designed to glides over small obstructions and drops into a vertical scraping position to allow offending material to be dragged back towards the user
£6.66 excl vat

Horobin Polypropylene Sewer Rod 3ft

These are strong and durable, used for general purpose domestic drain cleaning.
£4.00 excl vat

Horobin Rubber Plunger

Horobin Rubber Plunger for use with Horobin Sewer rods. Designed to build up the pressure of water which in turn forces the blockage clear. Available in 4" and 6".
£5.43 excl vat

One Shot Instant Drain Cleaner 1lt

One Shot Drain Cleaner instantly unblocks drains in one shot! One Shot instant drain cleaner goes to work immediately. dissolving grease, rags, soap, and paper towels. Should be used as a preventative maintenance product on a regular monthly basis and you will not need expensive professional plumbing services.
£13.89 excl vat