Keylite's Switched2 Rewards at Murdock's

Sign up to Keylite’s innovative #Switched2 Rewards. Up until September 31st every Keylite Roof window (PINE AND WHITE) purchased will qualify for a Reward’s Voucher.

£5 Centre Pivot or Fire Escape/ Top Hung

£10 Integral Blind Windows or Conservation Windows

£15 Electric Windows

Earning the vouchers couldn’t be easier.  Follow these 3 simple steps to begin receiving rewards


Simply upload a picture of your invoice at to claim rewards on every Keylite roof window you buy from now until September 30th and watch your rewards value grow.


You select when you wish to “Redeem” your vouchers and Keylite will send them to you by post. Each voucher will be valid in all Murdock’s branches.


Simply return to your local Murdock’s and the value of your vouchers will be accepted as part or full payment for any goods you choose in a new cash sale.