Apprenticeship programme creates two full time jobs at Murdocks

Monday 4th July 2016

Two Murdock branches have recently given full time roles to local apprentices upon completion of their NVQs. The Newry and Lisburn branches were able to create two new jobs for employees who had been working with Murdock's alongside their Regional College courses.

Curtis Finlay (Lisburn) and Darren Wollard (Newry) had been taking their NVQ in Storage and Warehousing over the last 18 months and have now completed the course, with Murdock's delighted to give them full time positions in their respective branches.

Both employees competed their course in June 2016 -  Curtis completed his course at the Lisburn Campus of the South Eastern Regional College, while Darren attended the Southern Regional College Newry Campus.

Newry Sales Manager Colm Campbell said, "We are proud to be able to offer a full time role to Darren having completed his NVQ. The knowledge he gained on the course together with the practical skills he picked from working with us through the apprenticeship will greatly benefit both our branch and Darren in his full time role."

Lisburn Sales Manager Martin Small echoed this saying, "It is great to add another skilled worker to our team, and made even better that Curtis was trained through our branch during his apprenticeship and now able to take on a full time position."