Floor Levelling Compounds

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Evo-Stik Floor Levelling Compound 20kg

Evo-Stik Floor Levelling Compound is a protein free, cement-based, sub-floor smoothing underlayment. This has been formulated to provide a smooth level to sub-floors prior to laying of decorative floor coverings.
£18.81 excl vat

Larsen Latex Self Levelling Compound 2 Part 20kgs/4lt

Larsen Flo is a 2-part latex floor smoothing substrate. Suitable for preparing most rigid surfaces prior to the installation of floor coverings. Can also be used on sub floors and can be used over underfloor heating.
£24.60 excl vat

Larsen Self Levelling Compound SLC1550 20kg

Larsen Self Levelling Compound SLC 1550 FLEX is a single pack, fast-drying, universal renovation screed with fiberflex microfibre technology. It is ideal for use in offices, dwellings, schools, hospitals, airports, etc.
£20.50 excl vat

Evo-Stik Floor Levelling Latex Screeding Compound 19kg/5lt

Evo-Stik Floor Levelling Latex Screeding Compound comprises a cementitious powder and a latex liquid, which when mixed together provide a rapid setting compound for levelling sub-floors prior to laying decorative floor coverings.
£22.70 excl vat